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Good Corporate Citizens

We believe that being part of the larger community means getting involved and doing our part. We encourage the members of our organization to take time to contribute to a cause they personally feel strongly about and provide a flexible environment to aid in balancing work with community involvement. After all, ‘the hands of many make light work’ and, as non-profit and charitable organizations attempt to do more with less, there is no shortage of work.

The Framework Foundation

Framework Foundation

The Framework Foundation, a Toronto-based non-profit organization, is pleased to announce that Cobblestone Value Chain Management has agreed to sponsor its upcoming Timerasier event.

From their website:
The Framework Foundation is a first of its kind charity, a “timeraiser” dedicated to raising volunteer hours among young Canadians. It’s an art auction with a twist, instead of bidding dollars you bid hours. All you have to do pledge some time with one of the many volunteer agencies that we are working with and then start bidding on a piece of art. It’s a double win situation. You get a relevant and meaningful volunteer experience, and a chance to bid on a piece of original artwork as a reminder of your goodwill.

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