The Cobblestone Approach

Your Greatest Asset? Your Customers.

At Cobblestone, we help you unlock the tremendous potential of your greatest asset, your current customers. And that means cultivating and growing relationships built on mutual trust and respect. Frederick Reichheld of Bain and Company notes in his landmark book, The Loyalty Effect, that a 5% improvement in a company’s attrition rate can positively impact that company’s profits by up to 75%. How can such as small improvement in loyalty have such a large effect on the bottom line? Simple. Acquiring new customers is much more expensive than keeping and growing the customers you already have. Period.

Communication: The key to unlocking the potential of your customer base

Dialogue = Profit

Dialogue = Profit
Expanding on this logic, we see that Dialogue between two parties leads to the exchange of Information. Additional Information imparted leads to an increase in understanding or Knowledge by each party. The more Knowledge shared, the greater the opportunity to build familiarity and trust, leading to Loyalty. Loyalty is expressed in the form of increased visits and purchases, which drive revenue and translate into Profit.